Citra believes in the simplest yet most powerful definition of sustainability:

All future generations should have better choices and opportunities than our generation. 

Our advanced Citra Building Technology is engineered to use the absolute minimum possible amount of materials and energy. This reduces the environmental footprint throughout the entire lifecycle and will enable future generations to have the same materials available to create the things they desire. And the cost savings of our advanced Citra building technology give our clients more choices of what they can do with their money.


Citra homes are designed to last so that the children and grand children of our clients have the choice to live in the same home. Or to sell it and reinvest the proceeds to start a new life – just like our clients do when they buy a new Citra home from us.


In our developments, we aim at creating neighbourhoods that foster trust amongst all residents and that stimulate enduring economic development. We achieve this by asking a handful of questions at every decision that needs to be taken: How can we make it safer? How can we increase positive engagement amongst the neighbours? How can we break down the barriers that prevent economic development? And most importantly: How can we make the homeowners and the neighbourhood proud of where they live? Finding honest answers to those few questions is often difficult and might lead to contradictory answers and design decisions. But by constantly trying to finding better answers we believe that we can make a difference. Especially in affordable developments making a difference means that the children of our clients will have a better future and be able to live a different life.