Sleek, stylish and eye-catching, Citra’s flagship turnkey solution, the ePod, will soon be available in various designs.

The concept is based on our Dragonstone ePod offering a range of designs to suit all budgets and needs, from an open-plan versatile design that can be used as an office to a luxurious two-bedroom, two-bathroom design. The ePod would be perfect as a holiday home, retirement home or as an accommodation offering.

 The ePod offers top-quality finishes and panoramic views, enhancing the beauty of the landscape it is situated in. Our ePods are cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and kinder to the environment all year round. Purchase an ePod and have it constructed within six weeks, ready for you to move in and enjoy.



We specialize in building construction with uncompromised quality and timely completion. With years of experience, we offer personalized design and a range of style options for your project. Our spacious buildings are constructed with high ceilings and premium finishes, providing a comfortable living or working environment. We ensure compliance with building codes, obtain approvals, and maintain a comfortable environment throughout the process. Thank you for considering our services. We’re always here to help.

ePod Waiting List

If you are inspired to have an ePod of your own, join our mailing list and we will contact you before the launch to give you all the information.