The elegant simplicity of this one-bedroom ePod illustrates the ability of architecture to enhance the natural beauty of a setting. The design takes advantage of the Citra building technology to seamlessly blend the roof, walls, and floor, speaking to the fluidity in the surrounding landscape. The glazing on all three sides of the Citra shell further blurs the lines between inside and out, creating a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. This creates a comfortable and luxurious environment for users to enjoy the beauty of the Drakenstein Mountain Range.

The Dragonstone Citra ePod is a prime example of how modern architecture can be used to create sustainable and beautiful living spaces. The ePod’s sleek design, high-quality materials, and use of Citra building technology combine to create a truly unique and luxurious living experience.



Client: Private
Built: 2023
Scope: Design, Construction