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eHomes @ CentralBlue – 2021

Sustainable, affordable, and iconic design are all words used to describe the eHomes built in Blue Downs, South Africa. These edge certified homes offer incredible thermal comfort and exceptional spatial quality with room heights up to 3.5 meters. Each of these carefully crafted townhouses has…

Architecture, Built, Featured, Main Contractor, Modular

ePod Dragonstone – 2022

The elegant simplicity of this one-bedroom ePod illustrates the ability of architecture to enhance the natural beauty of a setting. The design takes advantage of the Citra building technology to seamlessly blend the roof, walls, and floor, speaking to the fluidity in the surrounding landscape….

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Hotel Hazendal – 2023

The Hazendal Hotel’s architecture stands as a testament to the wonders of Citra Building Technology, particularly showcased in its stunning arches. Crafted with precision and finesse, these arches exemplify the innovative methods facilitated by Citra architectural techniques. Revolutionizing traditional construction practices, Citra enables architects to…

Megan Jonkers
2 months ago
I've been living at Central Blue for the past 3 months and independence has been tasting amazing. My one bedroom flat is what I've always dreamed off, it's stylish and modern. The cherry on top is my beautiful balcony with stunning views. A safe and secured complex where you don't have to worry about your car, you have a parking bay, cameras and an electric fence. The developer and staff is friendly and helpful.
Mandisi Kom
a month ago
I’m posting this compliment as one of the happiest clients. I recently received such a great service from Amrah and Luanzia, when I was having issues with my Geyser and was starting to feel hopeless but they showed up and made my life easier again. It feels great knowing that CentralBlue has such an amazing team who knows what it means servicing the client to the best of your ability….. YOU HAVE GONE BEYOND GREATNESS TO CHANGE MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER AND THAT MEANS A LOT TO ME AND MY FAMILY 👏👏👏
Monique Warner
2 months ago
Central Blue exceeded my expectations as a safe and secure living space. The 24/7 visible security offers peace of mind, making it an excellent investment. Kudos to Amrah Colbe for going above and beyond to make my stay exceptionally welcoming. Highly recommended!
Brian Noble
2 months ago
I'm thrilled to share my experience as a resident of Central Blue. Purchasing my first home here was a great investment. Safety is a top priority for me, and Central Blue exceeds expectations in that regard. I highly recommend it, especially if you're working from home—the environment is perfect for both comfort and productivity.
4 weeks ago
I am a first time property buyer, and Agent Kenny took me through the process efficiently and explained it step by step. I'm very happy with the service.


The ePod has been built in the Dragonstone Mountains and is now the first modular Citra home. The ePod offers top-quality finishes and panoramic views, enhancing the beauty of the landscape it is situated in.