The Citra Building Technology

An Innovative, Sustainable Construction Solution

Citra offers a faster, more cost-effective, and environmentally sound approach to building. Here’s a deeper dive into how it works:

The EPS Foundation

  • We use Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), a globally trusted insulation material, as the core of our system. 
  • EPS is lightweight, shape-flexible, and provides excellent thermal performance (with R-values customisable to your climate zone).
  • We tailor EPS thickness, and density (ranging from 15kg/m3 to 30kg/m3), or substitute Graphite Polystyrene (GPS, such as BASF Neopor) to match your exact structural and insulation needs.

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Reinforcement

Chloride-free MgO strips (with high flexural strength) embedded within the EPS provide:
  • Strong structural support for walls and roofs, designed to withstand seismic activity and high-wind zones.
  • A secure base for our specialized plaster, eliminating the need for steel or glass fiber mesh.
  • This creates a durable composite structure that boasts fire resistance exceeding 1 hour rate.
High-Performance Plaster
  • We apply a specialized cementitious plaster mix, fortified with high-strength chopped fibers, directly to the EPS-MgO framework.
  • Plaster thickness is customized (typically ranging from 15mm to 30mm) based on the size and load requirements of your building.
  • Our plaster formulation offers optimized compressive and flexural strength.
Optional Basalt Rebars
  • For extra strength in roofs and slabs, we use basalt rebars under the MgO strips.
  • Basalt offers superior tensile strength to steel (up to twice as strong), is more sustainable to produce, and chemically inert, offering exceptional longevity. 
  • This allows for thinner plaster coatings in ceilings as corrosion protection isn’t required.

Waterproofing and Reflectivity

  • A waterproof, reflective layer on the roof keeps the system cool and weatherproof, ensuring long-term performance.
    We use materials with high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) to minimize heat gain.

Proven and Expanding​

  • Coming Q2 2024: Support for three-story structures without steel, with engineering specifications available upon request.
  • The Citra Building Technology has been used successfully in single and two-story homes with conventional slabs.

Speed & Efficiency

Citra's simplified construction process means faster project completion, saving time and money for developers, owners, and builders.


Reduced material needs, streamlined construction, and lower energy costs make Citra a competitive choice for a range of budgets.


Reduced material needs, streamlined construction, and lower energy costs make Citra a competitive choice for a range of budgets.

Durability & Resilience

Proven in various climates, Citra structures resist fire, seismic activity, and harsh weather, promising long-term value for owners and investors.

Comfort & Quality

Citra homes offer excellent thermal insulation and a high-quality finish, appealing to discerning buyers and hotel guests.


Our system adapts to various designs and building heights, meeting diverse project needs.