Podcast: Talking Transformation – Talking about Citra

Cape Town, 4.12.2023

Over many years, Pete Ahmad has established himself as a critical voice in South Africa. In open conversations his podcast “Talking Transformation” addresses contemporary city building and spatial transformation issues.

In his latest issue, he interviewed Joel Baur (CEO and Co-Founder of Citra), Cheryl Hillman (Director Developments), and Nicole Vivier (Head of Design) from Citra. 

The podcast goes back to the roots of Citra: Why was Citra started? Why in South Africa? Why do we think that we can deliver green affordable homes through investing into research and development? And what does “Live Different” actually mean? 

In the end, CEO Joel Baur even gives an outlook over the exciting plans for the coming years, including the launch of some new products in 2024 and international expansion plans.